CPR & AED for Community Rescuers

  CPR/AED: This is a  course that teaches basic CPR and AED skills such as, CPR to an adult, child, or an infant.  Automated External  Defibrillator (AED), can make a difference. or barrier device to  relief of foreign-body airway obstruction to all lay rescuers.   Although the course may be used to teach CPR and AED to all lay rescuers, it is also designed for lay rescuers who are required to obtain a course completion card documenting completion of a CPR and AED course. 

Intended Audience: This training is for all job classifications, Community Rescuers, Basic Skills Trainer,Clark County School District Employees,Security guards, Childcare and more. **Nevada Registry Approved **

There is no age group required they must pass the Skill Test to be certified. 

Basic First Aid: First aid is the initial care given by a responder with little equipment to some who is injured or suddenly becomes ill. These courses are designed to give first aid providers the knowledge and skill needed to respond confidently and effectively in an emergency. 

Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness:  You will learn,what bloodborne pathogens are & why they are dangerous. Basic information regarding HIV, hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV). The routes of exposure, techniques to reduce the risk exposure, and the use of personal personal protective equipment (PPE).  

Professional rescuers and healthcare providers who take this BLS course may include:  Allied health professionals ( assistants, therapists, and technicians), Corporate & Industrial Emergency Response Teams (ERT), Hospital caregivers (nurses, physicians, physician assistants), Public safety personnel (Lifeguards, EMS/firefighters, law enforcement), Park rangers, corrections officers, search & rescue team, ski patrol, Camp leaders, first responders, athletic trainers, flight attendants.


*****Nevada Registry Approved******

*CPR & AED taught by Certified Instructors* Everyone Uses Their Own Mankin*Everyone gets Hands-On-Training* Everyone gets Hands-On-Evaluated* Everyone gets a 2 yr Certification card upon completion of the class. We will come to you with a travel fee of $15.00.

*** Ask us about our Group Rates with 5 or more students***


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CPR & AED Training


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CPR & AED & First Aid Training


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